Christina Dimitriadis studies living environments through her lens and focuses on transitions both spatial and temporal. Her work spans a period of more than twenty years, during which she has consistently dealt with man, his boundaries, his identity and his alienation in space and time.

An architectural tone and a minimalist setting prevail in her simply structured photographs, where the absence of the accidental is clear. Her images have an essentialist, almost monumental character, even when dealing with the unseen. In this way, the gaze is directed to another place, often invisible, in order to construct a different representation, another reading, opposed to trivial and stereotypical depiction.

“One way to interpret the themes of my work is to imagine what happens when you drop a pebble into calm waters: the surface of the water creates symmetrical, concentric waves. My practice works in the same way – a vibration of parallel circles, starting with the individual and moving towards the personal, the social, the political, the historical.”